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August 1, 2018
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Athletes are passionate about their sports. But that passion can turn…smelly. Gym bags with sweaty gear can become a feeding ground for bacteria and epic levels of musty stank. Here are some quick tips to keep the stink out of your gear.

Dry pads and gear immediately after use. Bacteria thrive in a warm, damp environment, so drying your gear effectively reduces the amount of bacteria growth. Lay out everything on the floor, or if possible, on a drying rack. Place a dehumidifier and fan nearby to speed up the process.

Deodorize gear with an odour eliminator. After drying your gear, you may still notice a lingering funk. Thoroughly spray down equipment and your gym bag with OdoBan® to eliminate remaining foul odours, leaving a fresh scent.

Wash for a deeper clean. Except for some items like helmets, shoes and skates, most pads and athletic clothing can be washed. Select the warm or hot water setting and the gentle cycle to prevent damage to bulky pads or other gear. After washing, machine dry on low heat.

Disinfect hard surfaces. Don’t forget about the gear you can’t wash. Use OdoBan® to disinfect and kill germs on hard, nonporous surfaces of your gear- like the hard plastic parts of padding, helmets, skates, etc. Additionally, OdoBan® is an effective fungicide and can be used in locker rooms and shared spaces to kill athlete’s foot fungus.

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