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OdoBan® Cleaning Hacks
April 1, 2018
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June 1, 2018

Love nothing better than coming home to a clean house? The time for spring cleaning is here! Take these steps to get your spring cleaning off to a great start.

1. Decide how you want to clean. Will you divide and conquer different cleaning tasks over several weeks, or choose one day to tackle most of the cleaning at once?

2. Get in the zone. When it’s time to clean, put on your cleaning clothes, start your favorite music playlist, and set out all the cleaning supplies and OdoBan® you’ll need.
3. Create a checklist. Get organized by planning out what specific cleaning duties you’ll need to do and in what order.

2018 Spring Cleaning Checklist
Clean out trashcan and spray the inside with OdoBan®
Clean microwave and oven
Wipe down counters with OdoBan®
Organize pantry and throw out expired food
Organize fridge and throw out expired food

Bedroom and Closet:
Organize clothes and donate unworn clothing
Launder bedding

Family Room:
Vacuum furniture
Dust shelf and photo frames

Replace shower curtain liner
Clean and disinfect bathroom surfaces with OdoBan®
Clean out trashcan

Throw away or shred accumulated junk mail or extra documents
Organize and file away important documents

Entire House:
Clean baseboards
Launder throw blankets
Wash windows and windowsills
Dust blinds and ceiling fans
Shake out rugs
Change batteries in smoke detectors

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