OdoBan® Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning can be hard. Fortunately, OdoBan® makes cleaning easier. So forget buying multiple cleaners, and use OdoBan® for more of your cleaning applications. Here are some uses:


  1. Mopping solution. Tired of dirty floors? OdoBan® concentrate dilutes to form a disinfecting and cleaning solution for hard floors.
  2. Bathroom and shower. OdoBan® disinfectant spray works to control mould and as a fungicide to keep your bathroom and shower surfaces spotless.
  3. Automobiles. Steering wheels can be loaded with germs. Use OdoBan® disinfectant spray to wipe down the steering wheel and other hard surfaces in your vehicle.
  4. Kitchens. Countertops can be a breeding ground for germs. Take action by regularly disinfecting hard kitchen surfaces with OdoBan® disinfectant spray.

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